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Hot Tot - Toxin-Free Luxury Hair Care Line for Kids now in Canada!

Hot Tot

You know how it goes. Your struggle with kid’s hair often means dealing with flyaway, static, and sometimes getting tangled. Styling products can be the answer but good products with quality ingredients are hard to find especially ones that aren’t filled with harmful additives.

We’re excited to introduce the Hot Tot hair line to Canadian parents. They are a high-end line of safe, professional hair products that were until recently, only available through salons in the US.

The brand was created by Megan Gage who at the time was seeking safe and effective hair products for her infant son quickly became a sensation. The line was scouted for ABC’s Shark Tank within the first year of business and gained the support of billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

While Hot Tot products can be used by anyone, the formulas were designed for optimum performance on kid’s unique hair - specifically for kids from birth to just before puberty. Kids hair differs from mature strands in chemistry, structure, texture, color and density. These differences require products that are different than those typically formulated for adults. Like skin, hair changes with age.

The eight products has everything you need for your little one, from cleansing and conditioning to styling.  Mom’s and dads can take comfort in knowing that the entire line is hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free. Hot Tot is formulated with high-quality ingredients and without the harmful ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic colors. The product line is light, water soluble and Ph balanced, so it washes right out leaving hair soft, light and manageable while being safe for small eyes and gentle enough for kids with eczema.

One of things we hear often from grown-ups and kids alike is that the products smell absolutely amazing! For some you parents it may even trigger flashback to your own childhood as the inspiration for scent came from the Cabbage Patch Doll!

The company also offers up fantastic styling products without the nasty stuff.

For example, the conditioning detangler is fantastic for kids that are prone to tangled hair. You know how it goes - the meltdowns from the pain that happens as you try to run a brush through your child’s tangled hair. A few squirts of the conditioning detangler will easily let the brush go right through and keeps hair looking natural and frizz-free.

And for managing “curly frizzy out of control” hair? the Sweet Pea Curl Serum is easy to use and great for softening and defining curls

The medium-hold styling gel is great for taming frizzy flyaway hair without that sticky and stiff feeling. Depending on your child’s hair, a small amount goes a long away so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

If you’re looking to create that perfect spiky style effect? whether it’s a mohawk, barrettes, ponytails, and cowlicks the Hot Tot Structure Whip is the ideal workable cream that adds texture, separation and flexible hold.

Be sure to check out the entire Hot Tot collection!

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