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Waffle Cleansing Pads 60 pcs


KOCOSTAR Waffle Cleansing Pads 60 pcs


Waffle Cleansing Pads 60 pcs

Cleanses the skin from dirt, oil, and makeup. Keeps the skin soft and hydrated.

Clear away dirt, oil, and makeup with waffle-shaped cleansing pads! The gentle formula of centella asiatica extract and tea tree leaf extract will keep your skin moist and add a vibrant glow.


60 pads


Take out a cleansing pad and wipe across the face with the textured side. Massage forehead and cheeks first and move on to the lip and eye area. Wipe once again with the smooth side. Rinse with warm water. Be sure to keep the lid tightly closed when not in use to prevent evaporation of the formula.

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